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About us

Jadwa Water’s journey began to compete in the bottled drinking water sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using the latest international technologies and the most efficient quality standards, to provide it to the local consumer, harnessing all modern technologies to provide ideal drinking water

Why choose gdwa?

100% pure water

Out of our concern for your safety and our responsibility towards society, we provide you with the viability of pure water, its source depends on the water of underground wells in the Al-Jouf region, whose salinity does not exceed 200 milligrams per liter, and is rich in healthy minerals for the body such as (magnesium, fluoride and magnesium), the salts are removed Found in water and adding salts with quality and international guarantee to ensure higher taste and quality. In addition, it contains the materials listed by the World Health Organization in the drinking water table

Environmentally friendly

Jadwa water is considered safer for the consumer as its pH is 7.4, and this percentage is considered natural directly from the ground wells, as it is pure from impurities to be safe for both the environment and the consumer.

Sterile water

Jadwa water is not sterilized with ozone, and because your health is important to us, we avoid using this technology

Ease and warranty

Because we work for you and for you, we guarantee easy availability of water in homes , choose what suits you so that our water can be received at the agreed time.

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